It is A FIND!!!

I found this web site. It is an all homemade buy or sale store, with some really fun art. I can't stop looking at items. Don't be surprised if some of you see them again in a gift bag. Check it out. I love the idea, so i put the link in my fave things.


The BIG day...

Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen!

It is a very big day at our house. The day we take out the piercing earrings and jazz it up a little!
We bought three pairs at Disney waiting anxiously for this day- It was supposed to be last week:) I was really in no hurry to start another thing in the starting of our day. We now get to decide what earrings look best! Help me! Ashlyn has been amazing with the piercing of her ears. If she was only as good with cleaning her room;P
Here is a little history of Ashlyn's ears, and how we got to today. When Ashlyn was born, I wanted to have her ears pierced, and Sam said emphatically NO! Those of you who know Sam know he is not the type to disagree about much, but on this subject he would not budge. His argument was "She should make the choice on her own. You should not choose this for her." To which I argued, "Parents make the choice to have their sons circumcised, and not wait until he can make the decision himself!" Well that did not FLY! I agreed to wait until the time was right.
Starting at about age two, Ashlyn took a real interest in BLING. Although, not wanting to have holes in her head.
At age 5 she said, "I want to pierce my ears now." I said, "Great we will go. And you do know you will have to take care of them several times a day, cleaning and twisting." She said "TWISTING?" She must have then had a flash back to all those infant and early childhood ear infections and exams and promptly said " Maybe next week." This went on until March 7, 2008 at 8:30 pm. While tucking her into bed she stated, "Tomorrow I want to pierce my ears! I really want to pierce my ears." Believing that this shall pass I went to bed. Sure enough, the next morning - I believe it was 6:30. She woke up and said, " Can we go now?" And a few hours (and many tears) later, our sweet daughter had her ears pierced with darling little pearls.
I know, quite the story. However, since I am using this as my journal, you all will have to bear with these painfully long stories. Or you could just not read them, but then why wouldn't you!

Note the sad red face and tears.
She did smile for the camera though!
I have raised her right!
{Amanda at the Piercing pagoda in the Provo mall}

sPrInG fEsTiVaL~BaBy!!!

Friday was Our schools PTA spring festival. What a blast we had, yet again. Everyone looks forward to the end of the school year with our annual fundraising spring festival.
It is fun to be a part of the PTA, and see everything all come together.
All the hard work really paid off.

There were great face painting artists on hand. Such a huge hit!Mysterious or is that Mischievous?Hairdos by Paul Mitchell.

Even the boys were sporting fun fauxhawks!

It was scandalous for our little town, those wild boyz!In the end--of the festival, and the money in my wallet (I am a sucker for a good auction;P ) We had a good time with our neighbors, friends, and faculty.

{ps} I added a few more pics to our Disney slide show-Check it out!


Year of a Million Dreams!!!

Here are a few pics of our trip to California over spring break. We had a great time and enjoyed the HOT weather and I mean HOTTT! Anaheim broke records while we were there. One day we enjoyed 97*- yes in April. We did not complain until we landed in Salt Lake and were told it was a balmy 64*:(

We had so much fun! The week went way too fast! It was fun being there with my Mom, my sister Kim & her kids Lacie and Chase. We had a great time meeting up for a few hours with our friends Matt, Kristen, Wesley, Vivi, and sweet baby Vince.

Thanks to all for making this trip possible! Dad thanks for watching our angry cat;p Corrina for putting up with Dobie the dumb dog and his wild antics! Matt and Kris for taking time to come say "HI"- Sorry we didn't get to do more together. Mom for all that you did and continue to do for us everyday-We love you!


The Sun Will Come Out...

Went to see Annie at Kingsbury Hall last night with my good friend Lisa. I had a great time. It was good to have a girls night.
Being at the theater got me even more excited to see WICKED!
Don't forget!
The sun will come out tomorrow...{At least this weekend I believe;D


We Have Wii Fever...

Okay, I realize WE are probably the last people to get a Wii.
WE cannot get enough of the Wii.
We are all dealing with Wii-itis, not only wanting to play all the time, but real itis- meaning inflammation!
Oh, my...
My parents gave Ashlyn "her Wii" for her birthday and now WE can't get enough of it.

Ashlyn has become quite the competitor! She loves bowling and had a high score of 179 last night. The Wii has softened the blow Ashlyn took when they cancelled her theater class:(

Thanks Mom and Dad for the Wii, WE love it!


Family Birthday Party

Ashlyn was so lucky to have two parties. We went to dinner came home and had cake, cheesecake(Ash's request) and ice cream. Then came the gifts... We are so very blessed to have such kind and thoughtful family. It was so fun to have Sarah, Grandma and Grandpa Blackham join Grandma and Grandpa Bowers for a big family party. Aunt Kim came and spoiled Ash with a Lia Sophia bracelet. Chase came and played the "teaser" to Ashlyn, she loves him and he loves to tease her.

Grandma and Grandpa Bowers
Sam and Grandma Blackham
Grandpa Blackham, Ashlyn and Sarah

We are so lucky to both have the best families in the world.


Ashlyn is SEVEN!!!

Ashlyn's purse cake
Look how cute they all are!

Our sweet darling is seven. We cannot believe how fast the time has gone. She had a great birthday party Friday with 11, yes 11 girls! What were we thinking??? Her glamour party consisted of having hair up dos and manicures at the salon. They all had a great time.

Ashlyn wanted a trampoline for her birthday. Dr. Mitch explained how dangerous they are so... She got this cute playhouse instead(the only thing it needs is a bathroom:p).