Very cute way to start off the Christmas break!


A visit from the North Pole...

We have a visitor spending his days with us until Christmas....

It is Zach our elf.
His first visit 12.2.09
He stopped by to make sure we are all behaving. Zach leaves each night to report to Santa. He is magical, if you touch him the magic stops. Every morning he comes back, always sitting in a different spot to watch another day...




We have the BEST dentist!!!!

We have the BEST dentist ever. Not only good, but generous!

Dr's Chris Hammond and Todd Ellis have the best practice & parties around. This past summer they had a back to school blast that included Fat Catz, prizes, and face painting....

They also had a great winter party at Seven Peaks Ice Arena. Ice skating, hot cocoa, donuts, prizes (Ash won a gift cert to Toys R Us) and a visit & picture with the BIG guy, Santa.(the pic gets sent to each home as a Christmas card).
I love this office.
I wish my childhood dentist was a fraction as good.

PS....Did I mention they have a ZEN room at the office. You can sit in the most amazing massage chair while being left alone in a private room with dim lights and candles,to listen to music or watch TV.... Bliss, pure bliss. I will NEVER run errands while Ashlyn is at the dentist again. I am sitting in the HAPPY chair from now on!