A visit from the North Pole...

We have a visitor spending his days with us until Christmas....

It is Zach our elf.
His first visit 12.2.09
He stopped by to make sure we are all behaving. Zach leaves each night to report to Santa. He is magical, if you touch him the magic stops. Every morning he comes back, always sitting in a different spot to watch another day...




Taylor Ranch said...

I love that! Did you come up with that on your own or get it somewhere, that is a fun tradition....we need one! YOu guys have been having a ton of fun, I hope that you are having fun this time of year...I have thought of you guys so much over the past week. Love ya and have a Merry Christmas season!

Marianne said...

SO CUTE!! What a fun idea!

Is it working??

Natalie said...

So cool! My kids know that all the "fake" Santas at the mall are just employee lookouts for the big guy but I didn't know he had "in home" spies. I need to hook our house up ;-)

Anne Gessel said...

I almost got one of those. I thought it was so cute! What a fun tradition! Hope you had a great Christmas!

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