Summer has begun...

The last day of school...


The entire school performs on the last day of school.

The second grade performed a dance to the cutest montage of snowman songs.

Thanks to Julie...The song they danced to is playing...

The melting snowmen...

I would have posted a video, had I not messed up and pushed pause instead of play. Oops. I have officially been banned from the camcorder. Thank goodness my hubby is a great photographer!

Ash with Mrs. Thurgood
The cutest teacher with the cutest kid
Thanks to everyone{Grandma's and Pa's, Morgan, Lisa and Katie bug} for coming to support Ashlyn moving on to the 3rd grade. WOW, another year flew by. Now i need to find something productive for us to do this summer. Or, shall i say... for Ashlyn to do!
Wish me luck.


He did it...

We are so proud of you Chase!
PHS Class of 2009!

Now on to real life...Best of luck to you stud muffin...

Success means having the courage,
the determination,
and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.

~George Sheehan



Remembering...That is what Memorial day means to me.
Remembering those who have passed.
Those who have served our country.
Those who died for my freedom.
Those who fight everyday for our freedom...

This year we headed to Moroni and Mt. Pleasant with Sam, Sybelle, Sarah, and Morgan. Dad Blackham took us on the "trek" around the cemeteries. I appreciate the time he takes to learn more about his heritage so he can teach us. He had great stories to share with us. Sam made the comment about how Ashlyn was different this year. She is grown up and understood so much more about honoring those loved ones. She also was quite concerned about not being able to put flowers on all the "Blackham" graves. If you have ever been to the Moroni cemetery, every other grave seems to be a Blackham. So, she went along picking every dandelion and placing it on the "Blackham" graves. Running around saying"here's another Blackham". She is so cute, I love her thoughtfulness.

I am grateful we were able to spend time as a family remembering...

Another great movie...

Loved, loved, loved it!
Laughed so hard i had tears!
Hank Azaira is so funny.
I am already making plans to go see it again.
Two thumbs up...WAY up!



Ashlyn has been a part of the wonderful acting group, Up With Kids. Her class performed "Enchanted." Ashlyn's parts{which she chose} were: Celia(from Monsters Inc.), mouse and a bride. She did an exceptional job...even the president of Up With Kids commented on how well she did. Ashlyn is a natural drama queen, and has a memory like no other. She can recite talks she gave in church last year. Up With Kids is an acting/confidence building group. I am not so sure Ash needs the confidence building part...She is so secure in who she is, I could use some of her confidence. She takes her acting serious, and takes direction very well. I wish I could "direct" her so well...

Before the performance. In her Celia costume.

She was awarded the outstanding performer award from Miss Allison.

Ashlyn with Miss Allison

We are very blessed to have family close so they can share these experiences with us!


It's your birthday!!!

Any man can be a father,

but it takes a special person to be a DAD...

My dad is the best dad in the entire world. He is kind, selfless, loving, humble, generous, a great business man & a hard worker. I have often been told "you are just like your dad..." This is a compliment, a huge compliment. I love you daddy! Here's to many, many more birthdays.

Here are a few people who love you too..


My handsome nephew Chase...

Here are a few graduation pics Sam took of my nephew Chase.
There are many more. I will post them after graduation :)