Girls Night Out!!!!

Thanks to our good friend Lisa, Ashlyn and I were able to have a girls night out.We went to see High School Musical, the play at Capitol theater. We went to a favorite restaurant Tepanyaki, and had sushi and shrimp-YUM!!! Ash and I go there when we are sans Dad ( you know that little thing... Allergy to shell fish). We had such a good time. Ash loved the play. This was the final week for the Broadway performance ending in Utah, were the films were made...

This is her waiting for me to get in the car {hurry up MOM!!!}

Pic while having dinner{notice the chopsticks above Ash's head}
Waiting for the show to start, with souvenirs in hand.

We had great seats- Thanks again Lisa!


Mama Mia!

I had a great day out with my mom for my birthday Saturday. We had a great lunch, some shopping and then off to see Mama Mia!
Loved It!
Flash back to my childhood...
I was the "Dancing Queen"{ at least at the skating rink ;p }
Everyone loves ABBA.
You should all run, not walk to your nearest theater...
Thanks, Mom for the girls day out!


24th Of JuLY...


We call her Crystal...

Today we set our newest family member free...

One out of five caterpillars survived. Ashlyn named her Crystal in the Chrysalis...so cute. After several weeks, and a funeral for the "sisters" that didn't make it. We welcomed Crystal into the family on Monday, July 21st. We LOVED watching something so beautiful take place. The beauty is so different up close. We learned a lot and can't wait for the 5 replacements(all with respective names, of course) to turn into butterflies.{I will keep you posted}
Right after she hatched. Notice her tongue.
When Ashlyn released her, she walked right onto Ashlyn's finger then flew...

She is still "hanging" out around the yard.


Broadway musical revue...

Ashlyn has been taking theater workshops at the Covey Center for the Arts. We love them, and the teachers. The classes have been a great OUTLET for our own "DRAMA QUEEN." This summer the center offered a intensive Broadway workshop where three groups(age based) put on a fun musical revue. Ashlyn was asked to move into the more advanced class, she sure stepped up to the plate and did amazing. She hit all her marks and sang very well. She performed Oklahoma, 76 Trombones, and Singing in the Rain. The group also sang Lullaby of Broadway and Give My Regards to Broadway. She learned all these in 5 days, not just the songs but the dances to go with them. I was impressed how well she did with so little rehearsal. Truly a NATURAL. Here are a few pics. My camera battery died. These are taken with our video camera thus, the crappy quality.

Give My Regards...Flowers from Grandma and Grandpa Bowers

Costume ;)


American Girl...

Thursday we went with our friends to see the Kit Kittredge, American Girl movie. This is seriously a MUST SEE. So cute, by far my favorite movie this summer.


I LOVE the 4th of JULY!

The 4th of July is my second fave holiday. We start our day early to see the balloons, off to breakfast, then to the PARADE! For many years we have stressed about getting a spot on the route.This is something passed on from my Grandpa Jaeger{whom I miss SO much this time of year} He always was up early to save us a place for the days of '47 PARADE. The last two years we have JUST GONE and NOT STRESSED. Take our chairs and find a spot. Makes me SO happy. I love the Freedom Days parade. We then had lunch, took a nap(not Ash-of course...see pic of her sleeping during the Stadium of fire). Then off to dinner at Mom and Dads. We were very lucky to be 8 of the 35,000 people to get Stadium Of Fire tickets(which sold out in 7 minutes!) Ashlyn was excited to see Miley, and we enjoyed the Blue Man Group. Amazing fireworks set to popular motion picture movie theme songs. What a great day!