Happy Birthday to...ME!

I am blogging my birthday because i will no longer be having them...I will forever stay...36. That really hurts to say out loud. I am in morning a little. It is hard knowing i am closer to the big 4-0 than 30! My dad told me once that he loved his forty's. Not so sure...i will just experience them as a 36 year old.

Thanks to all my friends and family for the phone calls, text's, Facebook wishes, and gifts!

My great friends sent this cake to work. Susan Fox is the best! Thanks girls!
(ps. I blogged our June mesquite trip...keep scrolling down)


Proud to be an American...

Our fourth of July was PACKED with fun!

We started our day as we do every 4th...
getting up at dawns early light...

5:30 to be exact. I love hot air balloons on the 4th of July.
This was the 25th year of the Freedom Festival balloons. I remember as a child hearing the announcer from our home on Grandview and running out to our deck to watch the balloons fly over the house.

Annual breakfast...

The Parade...

Grandma Blackham was in the parade!

Then off to the Porter's party...
Great BBQ!

A beautiful memorial for Don...not a dry eye in the house.

Water games...

Ashlyn going down!

Ashlyn LOVED the dunk tank.{we just noticed huge bruises on her legs from being dunked too many times!}

After a FULL day of activities, we still had one more place to go...

Stadium of Fire, featuring the Jonas Brothers and SHeDAISY. Oh, and don't forget the world award winning FIREWORKS!

Watching for KEVIN JONAS!!!!{Ash's favorite}

I have to admit...I really like the Jonas Bros music.
Sam is also now a closet Jonas fan... shhh... don't tell anyone ;)

The whole gang.

F-16's. The Pilots were just back from Afghanistan.

Lacie and Chase

It ended up being 18 hours of a great fourth of July!

Happy Birthday America. I am so proud to call you my HOME.

HOME of the FREE, HOME of the BRAVE!

Loss of a LEGEND...

(This was my favorite poster that hung lovingly on my wall)
I am a product of the 80's, and I LOVED Michael Jackson. I am saddened that the world has lost an amazing dancer, song writer, singer and humanitarian. Although, my love has faded over the years, my heart still hurts. I hope we can all remember him for all the good he did and the legacy he will leave behind. He IS the KING of POP, and also my first crush! (sorry dad-I know how much you despised his posters on my wall)
I made a play list of a few of my fave MJ songs. I challenge you to sit back, listen and not sing or dance...not at all possible :)