Happy Birthday...Christmas Eve....

The 24Th of December is always a busy, yet fun day. This year we started our day with a Christmas Eve breakfast feast, a few presents, then I was off to do a few last minute things while Ash and Sam played with their gifts. Christmas Eve cannot begin until Mom's Birthday is celebrated. That is the absolute RULE!

Her Birthday fun includes finding a restaurant (that is open), then closing the place down(not because we take long, because the workers want to go home).We go to mom's and dad's to celebrate mom being one year older. Give gifts( NO Christmas wrap-another RULE). Take birthday pictures...
This year mom was recovering from knee surgery the week before-bless her. She smiled through it all, and was only on Motrin!

Happy Birthday MOM!!!!

Christmas Eve begins....

Then off to bed with visions of sugar plums....... In our matching shiny red Jammie's, thanks to Lisa!


Happy Birthday Mom!!!

A mother is she who can take the place of all others
but whose place no one else can take.
~ Cardinal Mermillod


Let It Snow...


Festival of TREES....

Every year at Ashlyn's school the second grade students have a festival of trees. This was Ashlyn's work of art. All the children were given the same template. Ashlyn wanted a real tree and lights, oh well! We of course had to use the glue gun, which never ends well....Poor Sam ended up with a major burn/blister on his pinkie. We loved the way it turned out. Ash made ornaments out of glittery pipe cleaners and cut an old "dress-up" necklace for the garland. My favorite part is the homemade foil star like the one on her tree:)

Here is the result....


Bowers family Christmas party...

Four of the five Bowers' boys (Ken, Dell, Bob{my sweet Daddy}, Dean)
I love these guys!
You really cannot get a better group of people together! The Bowers' are so much fun and the most kind and loving family. We had to party without Grandma Jiggs this year, we missed her so. We hope your eyes will be okay...Love you! Hope to see you soon.

My cousin Brian and his Grandaughter, Deja.

Love the chocolate face!

(Courtney, Vicky-hiding, Trayson, Keedra, Brandon, ??, Mariah, Babette, Shaylee)
(Judy{my sweet Mom} and Aunt Paula)
(Ashlyn and Abby)
Thank you Dean and Paula for great food and a great party!


Sweet house...

Fridays are wild around here.
We spent our night in a sugar induced coma after making this...

This was Ashlyn's idea. Unfortunately, Sam and I had to finish after the "fun" wore off.


Happy Birthday to the man I love...

Today my sweet hubby turned....One year older!
Happy Birthday babe!

We Celebrated on Monday with his family.

This year Sarah AND Morgan are in Utah! We had a great time.

(Ashlyn, Sarah, Brinda, Danny, Sam Sr., Sybelle, Morgan, Sam , Me)

Sam then spent the rest of the night playing his gift from Ashlyn.

Dinner with my family on Wednesday... (Judy, Ashlyn, Chase, Kim, Sam, Me, Bob)

Happy Birthday Sam, here's to MANY, MANY more!

I love you!


Oh, Christmas tree...

Three years ago I bought Ashlyn her own Christmas tree. A white tree with pink and purple lights! She looks forward to decorating her OWN tree. She was so excited, she cleaned her room without too much nagging from Mom ;0) She has a darling collection of ornaments. Last year we were given very precious Santa ornaments that belonged to Grandma great. We love these antique ornaments and treasure them so.

Sam helped Ash make her very own star. I love that he made this with her. Sam made a similar star when he was young. It still sits on top of his mom's tree. I love these traditions. I love that Ashlyn calls garland the tree's necklace. This is the most wonderful time of the year. I love seeing Christmas through my daughter's eyes.