Wake Up & Surprise...

We surprised Ashlyn with a quick trip to Mesquite this weekend. Our family makes a trip every year. SO MUCH FUN. We enjoy just getting away. We joke about driving 4 hours just to swim, but OH, Well...

On the road

Hedgie loved the ride!



Ashlyn is such a fish. She loved her snorkle and fins!

Went to see Wall -E...{Please recycle!}

Very cute. Great message.


Summertime fun with friends...

The last few weeks have been action packed. We had a great time with our friends.
June 18, 2008

Color Me Mine...

Ice Cream and Playtime...

June 20, 2008

Riding TRAX to the Gateway...

Playing in the fountain...

June 24, 2008

Beam Museum


Sleeping Beauty...


Happy Fathers Day!

We are so blessed to have AMAZING men in our lives.

Thanks Sam for truly being the "BEST DIFFERENT DAD" there ever was.
Thanks Dad for being so strong yet so "soft".

Thanks Dad Blackham for being so kind and loving.


Color Me Mine and Dads...

Creating gifts

Ash decided to make her gifts for Dad and Grandpa's this year.

We had soooooo much fun. I highly recommend painting your next giveaway.
She made frames(with the cutest picture of her~Thanks to my photographer husband)for her wonderful Grandpa Bowers & Blackham, and a dog (Dobie look-a-like) for Sam.


Try Tennis, Not CRYPTO...

We thought we would try tennis lessons instead of swimming this year. Due to the CRYPTO out break last season & Sam being the OCD-er he is. We wanted to wait and see what this season brings.



Check this score out!

Ashlyn ROCKS!!!

What is your high score???



(waiting patiently)
Saturday we got up early, then proceeded to spend the next 3 hours at Ashlyn's dress rehearsal for the Academy of Ballet's performance of Sleeping Beauty. I am the class mom ( I know, I need to learn to say "NO!" - It is hard, when the director Lynne calls and practically begs.) Last year I was the class mom, it was such a pain. Ballet? What ballet? I didn't get to see much... I swore I would not do it again. Of course, I've said that each and every year of girls camp {5 years later}. Maybe I am a glutton for punishment ;p It is amazing what a difference a year makes. This year the girls were pleasant and kind. Here are a few photos I took in between my class mom responsibilities.

(A few of her dance friends)

(Several questions for the Wicked witch!)

(Ashlyn would not look at me. What did I do? It wasn't my fault the little girls took "SO LOOONG")

(Are we done yet?)

Just a reminder, Ash's performance as a Forest Fairy will be June 21st. Let me know if you need more info.


It Is Going To Be A LONG Summer.

Today is the first "official" day of summer break. Our day started at 8am with breakfast then...

Jumping on The trampoline(yes. I know. We totally caved. How can we say no??)

Wiping off the wet Trampoline.

Jumping some more.

Playing Mariokart on the wii

Jumping on the trampoline

Playing 3 games of golf on the wii

Playing 3 games of tennis on the wii

Jumping on the trampoline

Playing Nick Jr. online

Making trampoline party invites to her friends

By 10am! YES 10am, she was complaining she was "SO BORED"
How am I going to do this? Thankfully we have tennis lessons and theater workshops starting next week. OH MY!