School Bag In Hand...

I cannot believe my baby is off to SECOND grade. I have such mixed emotions about this. She is so excited to be back to school. No more pestering me about play dates, or doing "something fun". I do share this excitement with her in remembering my school days, so long ago.

A little bit of my heart breaks each and every beginning school year. Growing and moving on. Soon enough we will be taking her to college,then walking her down the isle. I feel the years slipping through my fingers. There is not one thing I can do, except love each and every day I am blessed to have this amazing, beautiful, angel in my life.

7 green ribbons...

Ashlyn had a great 4H experience this year.
In return, she won 7 ribbons at the county fair.
She entered a...
Babysitting kit,
Pioneer doll,
Recipe book,
Delicious cookies,
Rag flip flops,
Handmade bookends,
And last, but not least...
Reading project.

Since we were there,

we enjoyed the County Fair experience ourselves.

WOW! I did not know perms were back!!!

And, all of Sam's shirts actually have the full sleeve {how do they rip them so perfectly}

After a few flash back moments to the 80's and the 90's we "cowboy'd up" and went to the


I did not know this sign was in back of us.

{what exactly is "custom" slaughtering???}

He really IS having a great time!

WE all actually, had a great time!

Grandma and Ash ended the night with a 40 second, 8 dollar, FERRIS WHEEL RIDE!


Happy Birthday Kimmy!!!

Today is my favorite sister's BIRTHDAY!Thanks for being a loving and thoughtful sister and aunt.

Thanks for making me laugh all these years.

Thanks for your selflessness and hair tips-ha! ha! Thanks for being a GREAT sister!!!
I love you with all my HEART.


GO U.S.A.!!!

I am sure all of you have seen this. If you haven't, watch it NOW!


And, maybe I am watching too much of the
and reading too much...
Breaking Dawn

I am starting to think someone is looking like a VAMPIRE?

Are those.....FANGS???

Is that.....A vampire BODY???

{inhuman speed,14,000 calories a day...who does that?}

I'm just saying...

Does this explain all the world record breaking???


I'll take a deluxe suite for 2,PLEASE!

My friend who is a serious CRUISER sent me this link. So cool, I want a VACATION!!! Check it out and tell me when we are going...


Happy Birthday, Bugga BOO, WE LOVE YOU!!!

Today is my beautiful niece Lacie's' 20th Birthday.
WOW! Were did all the time go???

Happy Birthday Boo! We really do love you!


Families are FOREVER!

Today was our Bi-annual Bowers family party. We love getting together with our loved ones. My cousins from Idaho and Oregon were here. Grandma Jiggs came up from La Verkin. It was great to see them all. Ashlyn loved seeing her(second) cousins and getting to know them again.


Her name is Mystery...

Three of the five larvae have hatched. Meet Mystery...