Summa time...

Our annual Mesquite trip...
Checked on Mom and Dad's Winter home.

The girls watched...

Seriously, bawled like a baby.
(Cried harder during UP than My Sisters Keeper!)
The boys watched...

Great time at the pool party....How low can YOU go?

Ash wearing her Limbo prize!

So happy the entire family could go this year!


Many lives...

She is a fighter!

I am not sure how many lives she has left...



Sunday, we had the pleasure of taking Morgan back to Moab. She has been guiding whitewater rafting trips in Moab, for World Wide River. We did not "plan" on taking a 24 hour trip to Moab, or any trip for that matter... We ended up having a great time. I had never been to that part of Utah. I am hooked. What a cool town! I could live in such a town (if they only had a Target.) I am making "plans" to go back to do more hiking and take a tour with Morgan down the river! We left on Sunday around 4:30 pm... dropped Morgan off about 8-8:30... searched for a hotel... to bed around 10:00... up at 7am... breakfast... rock/fossil shop for our little "rock hound"... Arches national park at 9am... hiked and awed until 12pm... then back home... jiggity, jig! We arrived back home 4:00pm Monday. Wow! Crazy, yet fun. Very spontaneous. I am a "planner" and have not done something like this in a long time, OR, maybe never. I was so worried about having everything for everyone (we had about one hours notice), I forgot my own jammies! But, don't you fret. I did not forget the camera, or two outfits for Ashlyn (will it be cold? will it be hot?)
Even though we were worrying about Sybelle the entire time, we are glad we could help out and see beautiful Moab at the same time!


It's GREAT to be 8!!!

Today, our darling daughter was baptized.

The program was beautiful, and so very spiritual.

Thanks to the wonderful speakers, and musicians.

My Dad spoke so lovingly about Ashlyn and her new BFF, the Holy Ghost.

Sybelle, shared such sweet feelings about baptism.

Morgan and Sam Sr. shared a beautiful musical number, a Child's Prayer...

We are blessed to have so many family and friends who support Ashlyn, in her decision to become a member of the

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Words cannot express...

How much we love her, and how proud we are of her!

We love Ashlyn's innocence.
Ashlyn is an amazing girl...so insightful, thoughtful, and loving.

We are so lucky to be her parents!


A few memories, I would like to share...
*** Just before the program Ashlyn commented on how this would be the "best day of my life!"
***After she was baptized, as she was drying off, she said..."Look, I am all clean...and ALL CLEAN!"

Ashlyn's program cover...Thanks to Sam, her program was beautiful!

Thanks to my Mom, we had a wonderful luncheon afterwards.

The sunset on her "best day ever!"