We have the BEST dentist!!!!

We have the BEST dentist ever. Not only good, but generous!

Dr's Chris Hammond and Todd Ellis have the best practice & parties around. This past summer they had a back to school blast that included Fat Catz, prizes, and face painting....

They also had a great winter party at Seven Peaks Ice Arena. Ice skating, hot cocoa, donuts, prizes (Ash won a gift cert to Toys R Us) and a visit & picture with the BIG guy, Santa.(the pic gets sent to each home as a Christmas card).
I love this office.
I wish my childhood dentist was a fraction as good.

PS....Did I mention they have a ZEN room at the office. You can sit in the most amazing massage chair while being left alone in a private room with dim lights and candles,to listen to music or watch TV.... Bliss, pure bliss. I will NEVER run errands while Ashlyn is at the dentist again. I am sitting in the HAPPY chair from now on!