It's a ZOO out there...

What a great time to go to the zoo! In case you have not heard.... It is baby time at Hogle Zoo.
The main attraction is ZURI, the most adorable & playful elephant. She was born 8/10/09 weighing a mere 251lbs and 36 inches tall!

Off to the giraffes. Guess what? A sweet "big" baby! Here is a pic of a giraffe doing something I have never seen. He kept slipping... I was so afraid he was going to snap one of those long legs in half.

Sweet "baby" 7 feet tall. Mom is 16 feet tall. Beautiful creatures!

Then off to the cats. My favorite was the snow leopard and her cub. I was so in love I forgot to take a picture( here is one courtesy of Utah's Hogle Zoo website :).

While I was wondering if I could take the baby snow leopard home, Sam snapped these pics of momma tiger and one of her three cubs.
Baby did not enjoy having its picture taken!

We got the biggest kick out of this squirrel storing up at one of the many bird feeders . Smart guy figured how to get from the tree, and sort through finding all the sunflower seeds.


Taunya said...

Hi Jennifer- I'm always excited to find another blog and yours is so cute! Love your zoo pics- I'll have to take Wyatt soon.

Lisa and Kate said...

I love the zoo. The animals are so fun to watch!

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